On the 1st February 2020 the first confirmed case of coronavirus was reported in the UK. Case numbers rose rapidly and on March 16th 2020 the first restrictions in England, avoid unnecessary travel and contact, were announced by the government with a full 'stay at home' lockdown imposed on 23rd March 2020. England has been under some form of restriction ever since.

I rely heavily on photography to help me cope with constant pain, it gets me up and out of the house, keeps me active, takes my mind away from the pain and fills time that otherwise would be empty. The restrictions meant I had to find new places to go with my camera, it meant staying local for much of the time, it meant looking at familiar places differently.

The photographs on this page are from a year like no other and begin on March 16th 2020 with two photographs from each month. I will stop adding to them when we finally are free of restrictions, when coronavirus ceases to be a threat.